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Changing the Fresh Produce Supply Chain!

Zynle Foods Limited is a Zambian owned business whose main objective is provide food products to consumers at affordable prices and in a more convenient manner. The company will position itself to bring wealth to the farmers that will be supplying the farm produce and at the same time bringing health to the consumer.

Our goal is to bring wealth to the farmer and health to the consumer.

For the busy and health conscious professionals, Zynle Foods through its Veggie World brand will work with farmers to bring fresh vegetables and fruits to the Consumer’s doorstep. This will enable our consumers to have access to a wide variety of quality fresh produce at affordable prices while keeping safe during this Covid-19 era.

In our quest to fight the spread of covid-19, will promote and encourage our customers to use our various cashless modes of payment.

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Do you do deliveries? If yes, at a cost?
Can I drive to pick up my order?
How many freezits per bag?
What kind of payment methods do you accept?
How long do deliveries take?
Do I get any discounts?

Zynle Foods Limited is a Zambian owned enterprise registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency in 2020.


7183, Kachidza Road Light Industrial Area, Lusaka
Phone: +260 955 000 679

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