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Changing the Fresh Produce Supply Chain!

Keys to Success!

Zynle Foods Limited offers a wide range of high quality food products to consumers of all ages at affordable prices.

To achieve this, ours keys to success:

High Quality

High quality products at competitive prices to promote customer retention and repeat buying


Wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits depending on the season and customer tastes and preferences.


Establishing a wide network of farmers to supply the produce in bulk thereby lowering the cost for the end consumer.


Wide network of Distributors for the freezit cold drinks.


Growing our brand visibility through a systematic Marketing campaigns using both social and conventional media platforms.


Convenience through access to our products through digital platforms e.g. mobile applications, USSD, Website etc.

Zynle Foods Limited

serves the following customers!



Hotels & Lodges


Institutions of Learning

Government institutions

Zynle Foods Limited is a Zambian owned enterprise registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency in 2020.


7183, Kachidza Road Light Industrial Area, Lusaka
Phone: +260 955 000 679

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